Get value of bean in view.list.php

Hello eveyone
i want to know how can i get the values of $bean in view.list.php file

A process_record logic hook may be what you are looking for depending on what you are trying to do.

Thank u for ur replay MR Simeon ;
My goal is :

  • To hide a edit_btn for the Signed contracts and ,
  • To disable the checkboxe btn for the signed contracts
    Like bellow

I did that using the logicHook , like what u said me.

But if the user go to the advanced search , and change the structure of the listview


The listview come like :

Hi there,

Try this solution. This will create a custom ListView template specific for the module. You may have to adjust the value due to your language.

Thank u Mr AshleyNic for ur replay ;
i will try ur suggestion , and i will give u a return