Get Subpanel Queries

I have a question regarding how the subpanels are being shown and are queried. When I check the Network, it shows this request:


Is there any way to get the exact query of this? because the result is just the subpanel itself that do not have css.

What are you trying to do?

CRM & PHP version?

Hi @rsp, I wanted to get the query it used for the subpanels to show.

I have Version 7.11.21 and PHP 7.4.33

To inspect the query for subpanel check “data/SugarBean.php” you will have function called “get_union_related_list” check the variable “$final_query”


Apart from @sagarjaydeep 's tip, another approach is to make your logs show debug level and the query will come up in suitecrm.log

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Finally! Thank you so much

Thanks for the tip @pgr