Get stucked in installation

Im trying to install SuiteCRM. I have copied the SuiteCRM files to my web server, and entered the required informations.
Then I come to step 2of2, and when I come to this page:
, nothing happens.

How do I finish the installation?

Follow the instructions here:

Especially the part about setting permissions (one chown command, and two chmods).

If anything still doesn’t work, come back here and tell us your versions of OS, database, web server, and PHP.

Good luck


I did follow the instructions, but missed the part about permissions. I’m not sure what to do here.

Im using Filezilla…

OS = Windows 10
Web Server: ??
Database: ??
PHP: 7.1

I am having this problem too. The instruction above does not solve it either. Can somebody help?

Most of the times I have seen this happen it was because the webserver maximum execution time for a script was set to a low number. If you are using Apache you should look for php.ini and modifiy max_execution_time to at least 300, or even higher ( I use 9999 normally).

Normally permissions are not an issue in Windows environments. However I suggest that your webserver is installed outside any Windows protected folder. (I normally place it in the hard disk root folder c:|)

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Thanks, Amariussi! That did it! :cheer: