Get record ids of selected items at list view

Hi Team, @pgr @p.konetskiy @crmspace

I m trying to get the list of records selected at listview , Below is my code

var record_ids = document.MassUpdate.uid.value;
var recordcount = record_ids.split(',').length;

Even if i select 100 records , it only results 20 from the first page ,

Do let me know if we have any alternative for this .

Thanks in advance,

I’ve heard this problem mentioned very often, I’ve felt it in my add-on Power Workflows, and I never saw a solution.

I think it would have to be a back-end solution, because the full query is only available in the back-end. And it would raise serious performance problems (that’s why pagination is needed in the first place!) because some List views will have tens of thousands of items…