Get problems with two files es_Es.js and Home/es_Es.js 404 Not found


After some change in server with headers site of my customer get a problems with two files:

  • public/legacy/cache/jsLanguage/es_ES.js
  • public/legacy/cache/jsLanguage/Home/es_ES.js

Two files exists on server (Apache + PHP-FMP 8.2)

1680275913 12 -rwxrwxr-x. 1 inigocalderon inigocalderon 9991 Jul  7 09:22 legacy/cache/jsLanguage/Home/es_ES.js
[inigocalderon@srv109 public]$ ls -lisa legacy/cache/jsLanguage/es_ES.js
1666391787 140 -rwxrwxr-x. 1 inigocalderon inigocalderon 142222 Jul  7 09:22 legacy/cache/jsLanguage/es_ES.js

Include I run a comm

and for use a very wrong configuration recommended: chmod -R 775 legacy/

Any solution ?

It might be something else.
However, one thing looks wrong: you should not have public in your URL.
Did you configure your virtualhost with DocumentRoot correctly?

The truth is that it is not a site deployed by me. I’m simply fixing the issue, after updating the server headers, and the only thing I had left to resolve was this.

It already seems strange to me that /public/ appears, because that shouldn’t happen. At least when I work with Laravel, the post is not part of the urls. It’s ridiculous.

It is an installation in a cpanel, which I suspect that the user who installed it did it wrong.

In fact your site looks like this:

But with what you tell me, I will tell the user to check their installation.

thank you.

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This suggests there is a problem with the .htaccess which should be located within public/legacy/.htaccess, you could try running a Rebuild .htaccess File which is located within Admin->Repair

but equally you may need to manually fix the .htaccess based on your setup

cPanel installation guide

@rsp thanks for you reply and video.