get ID of the link 'user logged'

I wanted to know where I can get the id of the current user logged link,
when I made a right click on the link on the top right, and I inspect the item in the Google Chrome browser, I get the link of this form, without the ID of this link
<a href=“index.php?module=Users&action=EditView&record=fxxxxxxx-9xxx-1xxx-9xxx-2xxxxxxxxxxx”><img src=“index.php?entryPoint=getImage&imageName=cog.png” class=“iconed”> User_1

The userid in the link you provided would be “record=fxxxxxxx-9xxx-1xxx-9xxx-2xxxxxxxxxxx”.

I want to get the id of the fields “a href”, so I can, manipulate thereafter (ie the hidden or make it visible)

Really not sure what you are wanting to do here.

are you wanting to get it in code ?

global $current_user


Think thats what you want.

I do not want to retrieve the id of the user logged in, but I want to get the id of the link:

For example, the id of the “logout” link is (id=“logout_link”)

so you want to get the ID of the link of the user in the navigation bar ?

yes exactly

So that ID you are looking for would be the current users ID.


global $current_user
$id = $current_user->id

that is the ID which this would return.

it does not work for me :frowning:
is it possible that I add the id of the link, if so, how?

My ultimate goal is to make a type fields dropdownlist visible to the administrator and the controller (user), and hide this field to all other users

This should work.

where are you trying to do this ? can you post the section of code you are using ?


it’s good, it worked, thank you