Get_entry_list not return all data

in rest api of php get_entry_list return only 20 result, but how could i fetch all data ???

Could I get a sample of the line your running?

Yes Sure.

$search_by_module_parameters = array(
‘session’ => $session_id, //Session ID
‘module_name’ => ‘Cases’, //Module name
‘query’ => “”, //Where condition without “where” keyword
‘order_by’ => “”, //$order_by
‘offset’ => 0, //offset
‘select_fields’ => $fields_array,
‘link_name_to_fields_array’ => array(array()),//optional
‘max_results’ => ‘’,//max results
‘deleted’ => ‘0’,

    $all_cases = Helper::call('get_entry_list', $search_by_module_parameters);

Try not including ‘max_results’ => ‘’,//max results within the array
or increase the value to a number larger than 20 and see if that changes the response.

May also be worth checking out this -

try max results = -99

Not Working!! Still getting 20 data.