Get another field value from Popup window

i want to get another field value while i am choosing value from popup window. For example when i assign user user name will be displayed in related field. In this case i want to display user id should be display in another field. how will achieve this?

try this

We are needing some help with this bit of code. It doesn’t seem to be working. I am thinking there might be one more piece to the puzzle that we are missing.

We have a custom module (“moduleA”) that selects a field from another custom module - “moduleB”.

In the /custom/modules/sf_state_filings/metadata/editviewdefs.php file, we have the following code:

'displayParams' => array( 'field_to_name_array' => array( 'moduleB_field' => 'moduleA_field'),),

However, we are not 100% sure where to place this code (in-between which part of the code). Also, we are unsure if there are other parts that have to be in there as well. Would anyone know what to do here? Thanks!

Never mind. I figured it out (it has just been a little while since I was in this area of code). Here is the exact code for anyone who might be searching this up.

 0 => 
          array (
            'name' => 'moduleAField',
            'displayParams' => 
            array (
              'field_to_name_array' => 
              array (
                'id' => 'moduleAFieldIDField',
                'name' => 'moduleAField,
                'moduleBField' => 'moduleAField2',