German Language ... Installation and Settings


i did an Language Package Installation over Modul Loader - works
Set Language in Admin - Language
Have only blank white page … no frontend no backend !?

Are there other settings to do for working german language ?


Where is the language pack from? There is no SuiteCRM verified German Language pack.

hi… it is an package from here … think its an sugarcrm language package …
maybe not 100 % translatet …

but the main problem is, that i get blank site after change settings to german language !?

any config file or something to change ?


You would need to ask the creator/developer, as it is a language pack specific bug and we do not verify/have standard a German Language Pack.

i saw the package here in german language group …

but can you ask my question !?
its needed to make some special settings after install german language ?

regards michael

As stated, the pack is not supported/official so is not confirmed to be fully working.

The issue is specific to the language pack, which the developer will need to resolve.

If you set a language pack as default, there should be no issues.