German for Outlook plugin


in your newsletter you say

Well I am interested in providing a German translation. What do I need and where can I help?

Thanks & all the best,


Hi Rupert,

The plugin is in early stages. Thank you for your offer and we’ll let you know when there is a module to translate into German. How is your German translation coming along for SuiteCRM?



Well, I extracted all 215 language files from the git repo & looked at the ~13k “=>” variable assignments.
I’d like to use find/replace for most common stuff, but have to read it over anyhow.
So in short, having fun, will take a while.


Hallo Rupert

Kann man dich irgendwie bei der Deutschübersetzung unterstützen?
Ich bin auch sehr an einer deutschen Version interessiert.

Danke für dein Feedback.