Generating ICS files to attach to meeting invitations

Running SuiteCRM 7.8.31 and would like to have ICS files generated and automatically attached to meeting invitations. Is this possible?

“possible”, certainly. It just depends on your skills :slight_smile:

ICS files are just text files with a simple syntax. If I were you, I would just produce them manually, instead of looking for any library that already handles ICS files.

You can probably construct one easily in a logic hook (or in a class override of the Save function) and attach. But I don’t have any ready-made recipes for you, you’ll have to figure it out…

:slight_smile: Yes, my question was pretty open… If I understand other posts regarding ICS on the forum, it seems that this feature was added in a later version - would that be correct understanding? If so, do you think it would be “reasonably simple” to adapt that code and add to the version I am running?

Also, meeting invitations do not seem to allow files to be attached (at least not in 7.8.31) as far as I can tell? Important since any ICS file generated would need to be added to the meeting invitation.

Have a look here

Note that that is a regular SugarBean class extension, you can also extend it yourself.

Thank you, looks interesting and I will look into this. This modules is present in the version I run as well, ie 7.8.31, and looking very quickly at the code of vCals, there is a function get_ical_event().