Generating code by given JSON API structure

I’m not sure whether it’s related entirely to SuiteCRM or to JSON API. Presumably, something in the middle.

I have a resource called Lead whose entire structure is available by the following request:

GET {{crm_base_url}}/api/v8/modules/Leads/meta/attributes

It gives me the following response:

    "meta": {
        "Leads": {
            "attributes": {
                "id": {
                    "name": "id",
                    "vname": "LBL_ID",
                    "type": "id",
                    "required": true,
                    "reportable": true,
                    "comment": "Unique identifier",
                    "inline_edit": false
                "first_name": {
                    "name": "first_name",
                    "vname": "LBL_FIRST_NAME",
                    "type": "varchar",
                    "len": "100",
                    "unified_search": true,
                    "full_text_search": {
                        "boost": 3
                    "comment": "First name of the contact",
                    "merge_filter": "selected"

I want to use one of JSON API client library. Let it be one of Java implementation and I have to write such code as:

@JsonApiResource(type = "Leads")
public class Lead {

    private UUID id;

    private String firstName;

How can I avoid the manual work and autogenerate such classes?

It doesn’t matter what programming language to use, the approach should produce a class.

Maybe there are ideas here

but I don’t know much about Java to help you… like you said, this is a common problem and there are many solutions out there.

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Not really, I was thinking about generation classes by schema. Something like this:


BTW, do you know that there is a sample Java client for SuiteCRM lying around somewhere on the internet (with source code)?