Generating a letter on accounts page doesn't show in history

Hi there,

just wondering if this is the same for everyone…

When generating a letter from an account detail page the letter is created and downloads fine, however it doesn’t immediately show up in the account history, I have to reload the account for it to show. The problem with that is after generating a letter the URL of the page changes to a default url, something to do with ajax, and so refreshing the page just loads the homepage, and you have to then navigate back into the account to see the history.

It’s not a major issue but I’d have thought the expected behaviour would have been to generate letter, then see the file in the history straight away without having to do anything else. From a user experience that would be a lot more reassuring.

Also generating the letter then automatically downloads it, without giving any option of where to save it, I find this a little counter productive as I then have to go to my downloads and move the file to the correct directory on my computer, or in some cases delete the file as I didn’t actually want to download it at that time.

Thoughts? Is this the same for everybody or some kind of bug with my setup?

Anyone got a spare minute to just test this and let me know?