Generate unsubscribe news/marketing e-mail link/short code? 📭

Hi guys.
I’m struggling with finding the short code to the “unsubscribe e-mail” link that you insert to the e-mail template. I am looking in the marketing → templates → new Template section (Insert Variable), but I am quite uncertain to what variable/short codee that is the correct one.

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Anyone here that knows about this please? :thinking:

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I think that have figured it out myself. You can create the shortcode in the Campaigns → Template → “Tracker URL” which you then insert into the e-mail.



However I am still note sure if you should use the just the code in your (Our template is custom coded HTML/css), e-mail example:

<a href="index.php?entryPoint=removeme">Unsubscribe</a>
<a href="">Unsubscribe</a>

Which one of these two is correct?

Also an additional question:
I found this older forum thread:

where it is mentioned that the system inserts a unsubscribe link automatically into the email. Is that still a valid case?

If so why do have the option the generate a tracker link unsubscribe option in the campaigns module? That seems pretty redundant…

Thanks in advance.

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