Generate Import CSV File only creates four records?

I used the import wizard successfully. Nicely done.

Now i want to use it to do a batch update for existing records. I thought I could create a template of the 100 or so records…change the data in one or two columns and then resubmit to the import wizard.

I think the template only creates four records. A shame since the main reason to do a batch update is that you have many records to update.

Is there a work - around for this?

Hi Steve, if you are doing a create and update, have you specified the record ID for the record you need to update in the CSV? If not, the CRM will not know which records to update.

Thanks for the reply… i was hoping to generate template with all the existing records included (beyond the 5 that are included) and to use those IDs to update back into the system. My point is that the template that is generated does not include all the existing records for that module.