Generate documents from templates in .doc format

Hi there! Has anyone implemented some library or customization of code of SuiteCRM to generate documents from templates in .doc format? Is there any solution?


here is a solution for it - Basic Module

for more features here looking


forgot the attachment

I know about this module. But it generates docs from templates created locally from MS Word, but i need documents created from templates in PDF module of Suitecrm. By the way today i tried your module and then i deleted it. And it happened that together with module the whole code of my CRM was deleted. Even though it was stagind not production


No that is not correct. You create templates in CRM not local.

When i press “Create” to create a template, i’ve got this window shown There is a “File” field where i need to upload created template. Please, correct if i’m mistaken and tell me how to create templates for your module in CRM