General Hello & update/upgrade question

Hello to the SuiteCRM community.
I had a XAMPP local install running to get a feel and get my feet wet and really like the software, so now i have a AWS instance going and I’ll probably be lurking around here quite a lot.

I do have a small question about SuiteCRM backups and upgrades on AWS packaged instances. Are updates rolled out to the instances on their own or is my instance perpetually in the sate from when i launched it?

I understand that i may have to do updates/upgrades manually and I’m okay with that, just want to put it on my list of things to watch for and keep on top of.

The instance i chose to go with is the Bitnami packaged one on AWS free tier.
By: Bitnami
Latest Version: 7.11.20-12-r70 on Debian 10

Upgrades and backups need to be done manually unless you create a method to do it automatically.