General Assistance, getting a feel for SuiteCRM (Please Help!)

Hello once again,

 While I'm beginning to get a general feel for SuiteCRM, coming from NetSuite I am lost on how some of the customizations should take place. If anyone could help me with some of the questions below, I would be extremely greatful!


There is a Sales Stage and Sales Probability field within the Opportunity, I figured out how to customize these for a layout by modifying the drop-down lists in drop-down editor. Putting the values for stage, and relating the values in probability to the correct percentage. However, where can I see the linking between these 2 fields? What tells the probability field to cross reference the list with the stage field? Where can I view this? I have other clients that will need different options for these fields. How exactly would I replicate these fields in a custom form, how do you relate the probability to the stage?

Where are the sales rules setup? How to define what stage I want the opportunity to be set to once converted from a lead?


Where would a “hook” be placed? Is there any documentation on examples of these?

Lead Conversion:

Is there anyway to set rules on lead conversion? (e.g. Do not allow a lead to be converted unless ABCfield is not null?) Would this be done with a workflow? If so, what kind? There only appears to be 4 actions?

Thanks in advance for any information!

Hi there

you can read about hooks in the Developer Guide at

Several of the things you ask for are possible, but require a bit of coding to customize.

How big is your company and your project? Would you be willing to get professional services to assist you in the migration / customization?