General accounts / leads pool

We currently have different teams.
Team leader can view their teams leads/accounts
Team member can view their own leads/accounts

We are trying to setup a # limit for each team member and expiration (ownership) for leads or accounts without successful orders.

How could this be done? Team member cannot enter leads/accounts over a preset limit, 300 etc.

When the leads / accounts is too old, say 6 months, this leads get pushed into a public general pool. Other members in the same team or different team could grab it.

thanks in advance!

you have options here, mostly hooks and schedulers. I would recommend schedulers for the task of un-assigning records based on the age (“get all leads/accounts without a recent invoice from group x and remove all security groups”) and hooks for the real-time validations (“when an lead/account is being saved, count the amount of already related accounts/leads of the user. if below 300, attach the regular securitygroup, otherwise, don’t attach any securitygroup”). The details of what I described here are obviously very dependent from your permission setup, but you should know how to deal with these cases.

@crmspace Thanks so much for your help!

Could you kindly share how to setup a general leads/accounts pool where all records will be able to visible to all users?