GDPR - EU General Data Protection Regulations


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The GDPR comes into force in the EU on 25 May 2018 and affects any business working with people living in the EU. It is also likely that the UK, despite Brexit, will continue to adopt the regulations in the future.

The regulations require a business to be able to identify and retrieve all the information about an individual regardless of whether the relation is business or residential focused or whether it is about a person in their personal or business role.

In amongst that is the requirement to retain details of all consent they have given to their data being used and processed whether direct or through a third party. So that will include the date of consent, explicitly what it was for, how it was given and the ability to demonstrate that it was freely given and not connected to the provision of any other service. It also requires that records are kept when the consent is withdrawn and that the company has the ability to “forget” the person if so requested.

So, sounds like a job for SuiteCRM Module that can attach to Targets, Leads and Contacts. Does anyone know if there are plans in SuiteCRM team to undertake this, if there is a plugin on its way already or is this something users need to collaborate on to bring to market?

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Thanks but we are fully up to speed on the legislation and what it means. I was looking to see if anyone, yourselves included, had thought about, already started, or finished a module or tweak that already took account of the need to track and record consent (date, method, withdawal, 3rd party, erasure and suppression for “right to forget”

If it already exists, dont reinvent the wheel I say :wink:

If not I shall carry on with the brief for our tech guys.




Is there any further update on the suiteCRM GDPR position?

Thanks in advance

The initial developments seem to be ready and waiting to be merged.

If anyone can test, please go ahead.

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I see the provision for opt-in checkboxes but does the system include a delete account button (for the right to be forgotten) or csv export data feature (for data portability)?

Yes you can delete an Account. However you need some extra care because only you can know to what extent related data should be deleted. Calls, notes, documents, products, there are many things that can be associated with an Account (and sometimes with other records also, so that you don’t want to delete it).

So the software gives you the possibilities but only you can know which information you keep is covered by GDPR’s demands or not.

And every module allows data export to CSV from the List view. You can also dump the MySQL tables.