GDPR and leads

I have created a report that includes leads that are outdated. I like to remove these leads from the system due to GDPR.
tried to create a workflow for this but didn’t managed to get the same result using the conditions in the Workflow module. It does not work the same as in the Report-module. And I can not find a way to delete them.

Does anyone have any good idéas how to solve this?

I can think of ways, though they involve some code, or some SQL… but nothing too complicated.

Maybe one thing you could start by trying is to get your Report results into a Target List (go into the Report, look for an action button called “Add to target list”.

Then, you can try the Workflow again, I’m not sure if there’s any way to do a Workflow “for each Target List item”.

If not, you can try from SQL or from PHP code: delete from the leads table, where a related record exists on that Target list.

one very long-winded way that doesn’t require any coding would be this:

  • export the reported leads to csv and open it in Excel or similar.
  • then create a custom text-field (via admin-studio) called e.g. “import_notes” and add this field to advanced search.
  • add this field name “import_notes” to the excel file as a new column
  • write some identifyer into this custom column “import_notes” for all rows. i.e. some text you will be able to search for later (e.g. “to-be-deleted”)
  • delete all columns except last name and ID and the new custom column name “import_notes”
  • save the table as a new csv file
  • go to leads module and import the new csv file using the “update” function.
  • in Leads module, advanced search, filter for “to-be-deleted” in field “import_notes”
  • select all and delete.