Gantt chart translations

Which language files decide for translations month’s names and days in the gantt chart 7.5.1 release? The same question concern the “Add” and “Cancel” buttons when create the new task.

Best Regards, Adam

For months names i Assume it is the file

Month names are a list not a key=value so it can’t be translated with online tools.
That’s why is not translated using crowdin.
If you translate your file is not upgrade safe when installing a new language pack!

This is an issue already created but no solution yet
Calendar is not translated - Values required · Issue #330 · salesagility/SuiteCRM -

Thanks horus68. I have \modules\Calendar\language\xx_xx.lang.php translated and it works fine in the calendar module.

The gantt chart seems do not use it because has it hardcoded (the month’s names and first letters of the days). Does the issue #330 really concern gantt too? And what about the “Add” and “Cancel” buttons when create the new task?