G Suite Latest Updates in June and July of 2018?

Latest Updates in G Suite

If you have opened this article with an aim to know the latest updated features of the G Suite, I expect that you already know what a G Suite is? If you don’t know, let me explain in brief. Actually, G Suite was formerly known as Google Apps for Work.

Google Apps for your Domain was another popular name of G Suite. The popular products of Google like Gmail, Hangouts, Google+, Calendar, Drive, Vault, and Admin panel are all part of the G Suite. A digital interactive whiteboard called Jam board is also included in it. Overall, we can say that G Suite is a brand of cloud computing. Collaboration tools and software developed by Google.

The major changes have been rolled out for Gmail in July. The features are really amazing and helpful for the business persons. The new features have tremendously added to the user’s productivity.

To help you with this, Gmail has added a new feature. Now Gmail will frequently analyze your mailbox for such subscriptions to newsletters and then suggest you with prompts to unsubscribe them to save the space and unnecessary mess.