G Suite Email Can Not Receive Task Notification Or Test Sending Mail


We are using G Suite as our email server, so our email addresses are all like xxx@mydomain.com, I tried several times, for common gmail, like xxx@gmail.com, the Task Notifications are arriving normally, for xxx@mydomain.com, the Notifications never arrive, neither the Test Sending Mail. I checked, there is no blacklist of email or IP under my mail configuration.

Any one can help for this?

Thank you

Where are you configuring the email account (there are several different places)?

Is it from Admin / Outbound? Is it the “system” default account?

When you do the “Test send email”, if it fails, it should give you a link to “Show Full SMTP log”. What do you see in there?

Hi pgr,
Actually the configuration is good for all these places you mentioned because there is no fail alert, even the test send email, goes normally but the only problem for me is my xxx@mydomain.com can not receive it.
Tried with other mails, all working…don’t know if there any problem with G Suite email server…

You can try sending a very simple text email without any links or images, to see if it is something in your content that is triggering some spam filter…