Functional Open Source E-mail client integration

In the interest of Open source e-mail solutions that can keep up with the feature functionality that user are looking for I feel that Kolab would be an excellent project to look into. The open source variation is at

They feature a fully functional e-mail client that runs off of standard and open protocols such as IMAP, CalDav, CardDav, etc… It’s an option, but if that’s not what you are looking for then there is also the roundcubemail web interface that could be integrated with just the IMAP portion to provide a more functional e-mail client. It’s php based config files are easily configured for a number of mail servers.

Best of luck and keep up the good work and look forward to supporting the kickstart.

Hi pmurphy0881,

Thank you for the suggestion.



I would recommend looking at Roundcube

My previous company integrated SugarCRM with Roundcube (To replace the SugarCRM Email client). I still have the code for this.

It’s an earlier version of SugarCRM, and Roundcube 0.7 ( I think ) but it replaces the Email tab with an embedded roundcube client.
Hooks up with SOAP to auto import the mail you send.
Has a manual import button in the interface to push an email into the database
Has some Ajax to look up contacts across the whole CRM system, whilst still maintaining local user address books.

Of course there is plenty of extra integration that can and should be done, but it’s a pretty good start.

I am happy to work this community, perhaps on a feature branch to get a nice tight integration working.

Hope this is useful


PS Does SuiteCRM have an IRC Channel ?

DO you have the code for this, would love to work on an email client

I sort of have code for this

I picked this up myself again recently and set about trying to work on it. I’ll push the branch to my GitHub fork of SuiteCRM.

It would be worth also looking at the code for my iSAM project on Launchpad, there are useful bits of code in there, and it has a rudimentary working version of the Roundcube Mail integration, but it’s an older version and of both RC and SugarCRM, so it’s only useful for reference and to see how things were done in the past.

The code needs to be refactored, improved, and implemented with better integration into SuiteCRM, but I’d be delighted to work with you on it.

Please bear in mind, I am very time limited, so my input is sporadic as I have many family commitments

Will push the code shortly, here is my GitHub

If we get it working, we can send a Pull request upstream from there.


OK All done

My Master branch should be about upto date with SuiteCRM, and I have pushed my RoundCude development branch ( rcmail )

Good luck, have fun.



So i was going to install your branch RCMAIL, is this in a working state?

I just had a very quick look, i see in your old mail integration you included a folder rcmail, however this is not present… i haven’t had the time yet to look in any of the files but if you give me a pointer of what you have done and where these changes have been made I will see if i can help


can you share any Demo URL so check out this Module? or maybe just a screencast. Is the code pushed to SuiteCRM repo?