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Fullcalendar Customization

I am having trouble finding documentation on the Calendar in Suite CRM 7.11.15.
I have looked for any kind of Calendar settings in the Admin section but unable to find any.
After looking around it appears that out of the box Suite CRM uses fullcalendar.

I am wondering what the best method is to customize the calendar. Does one copy files to the custom/modules/Calendar/fullcalendar and make changes there?

I am looking for direction on how I should proceed with minor customization.

At the end of the day I am wanting to set up system defaults for colors. But might want to do more.

Thank you



Welcome to the community!

You can use the file custom/modules/Calendar/fullcalendar but before you should create the custom file custom /modules/Calendar/tpls/main.tpl. The custom file main.tplwill have paths to custom files offullcalendar`.