From email format

Anybody know how I can get my “from” address in the HubSpot <> format they are now in the <> format

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Hi, @RobertCooke

Enter name in the “from” Field just like in the screenshot below.

It’s for a group user this is how I have set it up.

What are the exact steps you’re taking to send the email?

I did a compose new email and I forwarded an email from the inbound inbox of this account.

Sorry, I need much more “exact” than that :slight_smile:

On which screen you are, what you click, step by step.

:point_up: this sounds like two separate things to me, are they?

The reason I’m asking all this is because the “From name” and the account that gets selected depends on the moment when the screen (say, the Compose window) is generated (i.e. where it’s coming form). It’s perfectly possible that there is a bug, and that it happens only when launching from certain places.

When describing steps in the Compose window, don’t forget to include description of all options in the “from” dropdown, that will be helpful.


OK give me some time I will make a loom

Sorry for the delay. I made a loom hope you can clarify.

Let me know if you need more information

I created this little hack and it does now what I want it to do.

It checks if the smtp from name is set and then uses it.

In file : /public/legacy/modules/Emails/Email.php
Line nr: 2985

        // FROM NAME
        if (!empty($this->from_name)) {
            $mail->FromName = $this->from_name;
        }elseif (!empty($mail->oe->smtp_from_name)){
        // fix

            $mail->FromName = $mail->oe->smtp_from_name;

        // fix
        }elseif (!empty($this->from_addr_name)) {
            $mail->FromName = $this->from_addr_name;
        } else {
            $mail->FromName = $current_user->getPreference('mail_fromname');
            $this->from_name = $mail->FromName;

I’m curious about where it’s getting that other “from name” from…

What do you have set in Admin / Email settings?

And do you see any difference if you log in as Miles and see the Email settings from inside that user’s profile?

For me this solution is already enough because I only use group users and this gives me the result I want. If I have some extra time next week I might explore the different situations and maybe the why of this all.

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