FRom command line, how to know what version of SuiteCRM?


I need to figure out which version of SuitecRM I have, but I only have access to the software form the command line.

looked at my config./php file and I found:
‘sugar_version’ => ‘6.5.25’,
‘sugarbeet’ => false,
‘suitecrm_version’ => ‘7.9.8’,

I presume that this is the version of suitecrm I am using?



I guess that’s accurate.

You also have the upgrade_history table which you can access from within mysql. I checked mine just now and it does have an entry for my latest upgrade. However, watch out because the column “version” says 7.10.4, but the file name reveals “upload://upgrades/patch/”, so I guess that line should be interpreted as “you were on 7.10.4 when you installed that patch to upgrade to 7.10.5”.