Fresh installed Suitecrm 7.6.4 local giving"session expired", never had this last few months

I had LAST FEW DAYS ONLY problems with local installed 7.6.4, sometimes working,sometimes when
creating new customfield or do “Repair” I get the error similar to : ““your sessions has expired…””
I cannot login anymore,so I had to stop the “services” Apache and Sql" then to take the last backup,overwrite,and then re-install services, then it is WORKING again.

This was terrible for me, so I re-installed Windows10 ,complete clean,started from DVD and installed the
Bitnami and upgrade with the 7.6.4, FIELDS still EMPTY, then it was working, but AGAIN after some minutes I get again, in the NEW FRESH SUITECRM 7.6.4 this …ÿour sessions is expired".

Last few months I had never this,but last
few days it comes up. On the C: drive I have only the few default files from Windows10 and the Bitnami SuiteCRM (which never was in last few years any problem).

What to do, what is solution?
PS I need to have LOCAL installed .

William Thanks for help. !

Do you have free disk space? A full disk can sometimes give this error.

Try to find out the value of your PHP session.save_path. You need to make sure that directory exists and is writeable by your web server.

I am sure you have messages in your logs that would provide helpful clues… :male_detective:

Thanks PGR sofar, Plenty of space on C drive (SSD)

I am not familiar with :
slight_smile: find out the value of your PHP session.save_path . You need to make sure that directory exists and is writeable by your web server.

Somewhere in MyPHMadmin ??

No phpMyAdmin is for database access.

You need to look in your php.ini

If you can access inside SuiteCRM Admin / Diagnostics / phpinfo then you will find the session.save_path value there.

  • Thanks sofar…,pgr,
  • I found the “session.save_path” and sending you the screendump of my Local Installed 7.6.4 version…php/tmp…
  • It is ofcourse an older version, but for me,working with Creports/Odbc, it is fine.
  • This"Session expired" is new, never had that last year,C: Drive plenty of space,…logfile is very long,if that is an issue?,
  • I work with this 7.6.4 long time and is OK, …only afterI do a “repair”(the first upper one in the repair list),
  • then I get upon login this session expired. I stop the services, copy the backup over the “wrong session expired”,start the services, and then it is OK again. So I can work, but adding a field or repair giving this problem “session expired.”
  • I worst case…, would it help to start a new fresh installation, and then import all modules,companies,contacts,…which is a hell of a job, …takes some days work,because huge databases.



  • if your log files are very long, I suggest you delete them (new ones will be started). A better long term solution would be to add them to logrotate.

  • that directory you show in the screenshot, how many files does it have in total? Do you see many quite old files there, or are they all recent?

They are all of the last few days, but what puzzled me are the first 2 files ,one of them is 2017 year…
I cleaned the logfiles.

I see there are some 20-25 files in the screendump in total
But what about the first two of ,did delete, but went wrong, got Sessions expired again…

  • What is the exact text of the error you get? Is it this one?

  • I don’t think the problem is coming from the session.save_path directory. The signs I was looking for (trouble writing new files, or too many old files) aren’t there. Let’s look for other causes.

  • please execute from phpMyAdmin the first query in this post:

This will let us look for overgrown tables. I don’t have a particular theory about this but old installations with lots of data tend to become unusable without proper maintenance. Then the system will just start breaking inexplicably with crashes and timeouts. This will let us know if this is the case.

  • you also mention that it’s the changes in Studio and in Repair that cause the system to break. Do you have any relevant log messages at that time?

Hallo, prg,

I just made a backup of the Suitecrm into my D:Drive.Safety First!

Maybe a reason could be that some weeks ago, I approached SuiteCRM in MSAccess /via ODBC and

did some changes/updates of fields , THAT COULD be the problem.?

Anyhow: Can you repair/see what

the problem is, and can you do that via Teamviewer ? If you can fix it, I will pay you via Paypal

USD 50. The check would be if Repair and Add a field is then working normally.

Good Idea? I am Dutch and 83 yr old, so not so good in all such details.I am a commercial man. emailaddress if you like to mail me.

The Session Expired appears, in red, just above the login screen.

Waiting for your reply.


Hallo prg,


Hi @Petrovlis1

Your installation would really benefit from some maintenance. There are probably a lot of rows there that are deleted records, and orphaned records (related to other records that were deleted).

I am also guessing you’re using an old version because you had some problems upgrading? It would also be nice to solve these…

I’d love to help you but I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to go into Teamviewer when solving problems here, I would do nothing else and I would turn myself into a technical support person, which not exactly my job, sorry.

You can buy services from SalesAgility, I don’t know how much that would cost, but it might be worth it for you, if you don’t have anybody more technical there to help you with administering the CRM…

Hallo prg,

One STEP forward, I upgrade Suitecrm 7.6.4 to 7.8.31(…from SuiteCRM upgrades site…) and now I can add new fields and do “repair” without this “Session Expired error”, Possibly the newer version of PHP.

The only bad thing, that in my Contacts the PICT field is not showing anymore the faces of the people, but a small yellow green ICON. I tried to create new Iframe field as PICT2, and "create picture, linking to c:\Photos.PNG .“JOHN.PNG”… but same small icon. After that I tried to climb higher to version SuiteCRM upgrade 7.11.10,
but, get:… “need to get higher PHP version 7.10 or higher”, ( How to ??),via ?)


Good progress!

Please tell me your versions of Windows, PHP, XAMP, etc.

Note that when you upgrade past 7.8 into anything newer, you will have to use the SuiteP theme (which you can try on our live demo).

Let’s leave the photo problem for afterwards.