Fresh install reporting error "Unable to find relationship emails_email_templates"

Hi all!

I upgraded my production system from 7.10.7 to 7.10.9 in hopes of solving some inbound email problems. Which it did… but one error wouldn’t go away. The one mentioned in the subject.

So I spun up a fresh CentOs 7 image, set up php 7.1.22 from Remi along with MariaDB 10.1

Downloaded and installed a fresh copy of SuiteCRM 7.10.9. I didn’t import any data from my production system or anything. I wanted to see what would happen if I started from a pristine install just as though I was going to start using the CRM from day one.

From the main menu ALL -> Reports -> Create Report
Select “Emails” as the Report Module

my suitecrm.log immediately shows:
Sat Sep 29 21:40:33 2018 [2701][1][ERROR] Unable to find relationship emails_email_templates

I’m confused why a completely fresh install would have an error like this.

Any suggestions?



maybe this is just a “false positive”, one of those errors that don’t actually mean anything relevant. I am hoping we’ll be able to work on fixing some email bugs in the coming weeks, so perhaps this sort of thing will get solved in the middle of that work.

Other than that, I wouldn’t worry, unless you have some broken functionality to accompany the error.

I do think it’s worth clearing the logs of this sort of messages, so if you can contribute some debugging and get a more precise diagnosis (steps to reproduce, for example), that would be welcome. Thanks.


Having the same issue it occurs with emails, survey, upgrade wizard and campaigns, I have tried a clean install as well. The issue appears there as well, so stumped on how to fix it.

I think there is an error creating relationships for anything relating to emails or surveys.

Did you end up getting a solution?

I have not been able to spend any time working on this.

Is there a ticket for this issue? It certainly makes the log extremely noisy.

@Bedlore what is your version of SuiteCRM?

@pgr Version 7.11.10


I don’t think we are able to reproduce this, which makes it quite hard to debug and diagnose…

I understand, I would be willing to give you temporary access to my inbox, ( but of course would need a way to convery details privately.

I don’t think the problem is just your email account, I fear it’s the sequence of email settings events and their interaction with SuiteCRM upgrades…

Well that’s disheartening, what can I do then?

I don’t think there’s much to do beyond paying a developer to debug it for you. But if it’s just a log message… not worth it.

I do have some hopes of getting several email fixes into one of the next versions :crossed_fingers:

Fair enough, from memory we converted from sugarcrm, could be related. We’ve been only using the crm for retaining client details but now we are trying to move our email communication over to the crm via case management, its a tough transition, but a work in progress.

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