Fresh Install - Layout Messed up

Hi There,

I’ve just installed SuiteCRM on a fresh subdomain and was able to install it successfully with no errors but the layout looks like this…

I am unable to do a repair and rebuild as the top banner is covering the option. I tried zooming out to make the banner smaller but it doesnt work either. Any idea why this has happened?

I’ve also tried clearing cache etc.

It looks like permissions problems. Please search the forums on how to set your permissions straight, there are many posts explaining.

As to why it happened on a fresh install… do you happen to have your Scheduler jobs (cron) set up already? These can mess up permissions if you have them running as root.

I’ve got another instance of SuiteCRM running on a different domain and this one works perfectly. I had a look at the difference in permission in the two instances and the new installation seems to have almost everything as 755. I had a dig through the forum for the correct permissions but couldn’t really find anything relevant.

I’m still stuck as to how the permissions are so different on this new install.

Given that I don’t fully understand what cron jobs are, I haven’t made any changes to anything in that regard.

After further digging, I was able to resolve this issue by running the following commands:

chmod -R 755
chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

This resolved my issue and the layout is as per the theme now.

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