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Free SuiteCRM Plugin: Server Health Check Including RAM, CPU, & Disk Space

OutRight Store has developed a Free Extension for SuiteCRM users called “Server Health Check”. This plugin will allow you to keep a tab of the various server health parameters like RAM Usage, CPU consumption, and Disk Utilization.

Get it here for Free:-

It sends you the usage report of these three server components automatically. Let’s have a look at the in-depth features of this plugin.

Features of Server Health Check

  1. Get Report of RAM, CPU, and Disk Usage: After installing this, you will get the usage reports of these three Server components on your desired email address.

  2. Warning Email when Reached a Certain Level: This is a very useful feature. You can choose a certain number for getting warnings. Upon reaching this number you will get a warning Email. This works for Disk and CPU. For example, you want to get an immediate notification if your CPU usage reaches the 80% then you can set this in the plugin’s configuration.

  3. Instant Report: Apart from Warning Emails, if you want to see how your Server is performing right at the moment then you can select the “Get Instant Report” option.

  4. Day End Health Report: This is the regular report that you will get at the end of every day showing the status of RAM, CPU, and Disk.

  5. Add up to 5 Disks: You can add 5 disk storage and check their status at the same time.

  6. See Top CPU Consuming Applications: In the Report, you will be able to see the top CPU-consuming applications.

See how this plugin works in the SuiteCRM:-