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Free SuiteCRM and SugarCRM themes

Found these yesterday.

Free Green SugarCRM / SuiteCRM theme

Free Black SugarCRM / SuiteCRM theme


Thanks for sharing!

I am using bitnami suitecrm virtual machine, so how do I install this theme? Can’t do it from Module Loader.


You’re right - the zip files are not packaged in the proper sugarcrm zip uploadable module loader format - missing the manifest.php etc…

A theme should install easy like this…

I opened a ticket with them asking for instructions how to install…


Dont trie to install this Themes. There are only backround colors have been changed and you will get a versions issue…

PS: Apparently they have been updated recently


how do I design a theme for the SuiteCRM or SugarCRM ? are there any guides?

Hi there,

I’m not aware of there being any guides out there. You can copy the standard Suite7 theme and look at the components/files to understand the structure, and try to modify. You will need html/css/js/php/smarty template skills.



Will, xlmran,

There IS a very cool SUGAR Theme guide, for 6.5 (the version Suite 7 is running on).

How to Create a new theme. How to package the new Theme for installing via the Sugar Module Loader.

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I designed the theme by basing the Suite7 theme on the Sugar5 theme and then restructuring and re-styling most of the tpl files and style sheets.

There is still a lot of old legacy code in there.

My hope is that at some stage we(the community) will progress onto a responsive/bootstrap theme that uses modern techniques/frameworks to make the UI much richer and cleaner.



Seeing Will’s last message was only 2 weeks I ago, I guess it confirms my fear that I’m stuck with this more or less outdated interface design.

Will, you said “I designed THE theme” but I can’t find anywhere in this thread where you posted a link to this theme you designed. You seem very active here so if I were to trust anyone’s theme, I suppose yours would be at the top of my list (assuming it is a significant improvement)

Hi jcrist,

Myself/the SuiteCRM team developed the SuiteCRM 7 theme, based from the Sugar5 theme.

It is an outdated theme and is not responsive.

I have started a new theme project utilising Bootstrap and the latest technologies(HTML5/Bootstrap/CSS3 etc).

You can see some of the new them here, but it has just started and there will be a lot to overhaul to make SuiteCRM ‘fully’ responsive.



we have released a new and professional theme for SuiteCRM. It is free and has numerous additional features such as the calendar with the modification of tasks, the year view and the event filter. The theme is available at

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I wanted to download your theme, followed the link and watched the video.
But on the download page, when you click on FREE, there is no download =(

Only the transition to

Did something go wrong?

There is nothing on your “downloads” page.