frame google map in popup

Hello dear
I have created label type Relate which Maps-Areas module ,
when i click select and use new ‘custom add button’ in popup menu i get this

There is not enough frame window with google map
as if I wanted to create a new record in the Maps-Areas module like this picture

You can see a map window below the coordinate field

My question is how can I add this map window to the quick create popup menu?
p/s i can add custome button folow this topic


Can you try copying the EDITVIEW layout into Quick Create from Studio by using “Copy from Edit View” option?

Thank for your reply
I did it before and now I did too - nothing has changed

could you tell me what else could be the reason?


this is the only thing to do. You can skype me. I can take a look.

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thank you very much for your skype help

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You are welcome