Found a hack to fix "Body" not parsing on email templates (Lead Detail View) but I need help!

I found a hack too fix the problem of email templates not parsing the body into the email templates in Detail view on the leads module. However, I need your help as I am not a programmer!!

Situation: If you click on the email in the “List View” - the Suite CRM compose will load a pop-up and it actually works really good. It loads the email perfectly, including the body. However, my telemarketing agents are naturally in the “detail view” and it is a pain too go back and forth. Now before I go on a big rant - if it is possible to populate the list View Email link in a custom field in the Detail view - I think this might fix the problem… But if not, here is what I was thinking…

So when you hover over the email in List View it will give you a link like this in small writing =

However, here is where it gets interesting and this is what I need help on. When you press F12 you will notice that it is on the backend of the browser using an “a class” and “onclick” properties. So when you click on that URL, whatever it is programmed … it is bringing up the List View Compose and it is working perfect. So I was thinking, would it be possible too create a custom field called “Email Compose” and put it in the “Detail View” and then create a formula too parse the information into it so this worked ??? I noticed when creating an URL field you could generate an URL… the main fields used here would be

{email} {id} {name}

Here is also the code of the element from F12 below. I am sure when a coder reads this, they will be able too think of something quick. Lets get this problem finally sorted guys with a quick hack!!! PS - I need too post a picture because it wouldn’t let me post the code below…

What is your SuiteCRM version?

Oh sorry about that - I am on ** Suite Version 7.11.18 --Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) and using a Plesk Server on Ubuntu 20.04 with PHP 7.3.27 CGI Application served by Apache.

I found this article that seems to have a temp fix but it would be nice too update this in Suite on Git …

That fix will be in the next release. :+1:

So you confirm that your issue gets fixed with that?

@pgr - When the next release comes out and I upgrade, I will let you know if this fixed the issue. So glad too see that you guys are prioritizing this very important feature for call center agents… What would be even easier is if workflows allowed emails too be sent out from the “User” … just click a radio button and then click next and make your next call :slight_smile:

What do you mean, exactly? Is it

a) you wish Workflows could be triggered from within a User record’s detail view?


b) you wish when workflows are sending an email, they would use a user’s email account, instead of the system account?

If it is a), check out my Power Workflows add-on.

Hello. Your plugin looks interesting. I am referring too point B though, so that workflows trigger from a Users email and not the system email. This would be really useful in a telemarketing “sales cadence” environment, similar too Sales Loft

Actually, the two things are related. You see, some Workflows ("“on scheduler”) run from a system environment, where no user is interacting with the system. So it’s not safe for the “send email” action in Workflows to assume it can send as some user, because there might be no user implied in its execution.

Of course there could be ways of working around this ambiguity, but I guess things got complex and that’s where the developer stopped adding features. My point is that perhaps in the logic of Workflows that run from the context of specific record, and are triggered by a specific user, what you need should be possible, although it would require a bit of coding.