Forums down Friday and Saturday: we're moving!

Dear Community members

it is with pleasure that we announce we’re about to Migrate these Kunena Forums to a newer platform, Discourse.

We believe this change will greatly enhance your user experience: much better graphic design and readability, improved mobile usability, image uploads that actually work, private messages, mentions, and a long, long list of great features that I am sure we will love.

We hope this technical improvement will help this Community keep growing and striving, as it has been steadily doing since it was created.

The migration procedure has been tested successfully and will ensure almost all of our current valued content will be transferred to the new location. Users, Topics, Posts, Images, Thank yous, all of this will be there when we start.

These Forums will be taken down Friday, the 6th December 2019, so that we can freeze content and run our migration scripts. It’s a lot of data, and it takes many hours to run… Depending on how it goes, we will be back live on Friday or on Saturday. At that point, the current Forum URL’s will be redirected to the new site. You will be able to use your current user/password to login.

Thanks for your understanding regarding this extended downtime. I’m sure it will be well worth it; I’m really looking forward to this new home for our Community!


3 posts were split to a new topic: Where are the reputation points?

I’m happy to say the Migration went great, and we’re back live on this fine Saturday morning.

I’m closing this Topic (now that we have the ability to close Topics!) and please feel free to share any questions/feedback by posting in this Category:

See you there!