Formula of field on module

Hi there,
I have two filed on the module one is no.of. task.completed_c(integer) another one is of. task.completed_c(integer)
third filed is progress_percent_c(integer)

my formula is

Progress_percent_c=((no.of. task.completed_c / of. task.completed_c)*100)

where to write the formula and can anyone help how to write is logic hook this code ???


Listen, there is a manual with a chapter on logic hooks. You need to read that, try the examples, and then ask small questions about what you don’t know.

If you just start asking gib questions like “please do this for me”, soon everybody here will start ignoring your posts. Nobody has time to develop code on your behalf, we can only help you with some small details when you are blocked and cannot progress on your own.

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