Form Web to Person return: "Not a valid module directory"


I created a webtoperson form following tutorial from the manual.
I uploaded it in the installation of my site and when I try to send it appears the error “Not a valid module directory”

I searched here and found some post that guided the second code in the form to solve: “> <input id =” moduleDir “name =” moduleDir “type =” hidden “value =” Leads "/>

includes the code but the error continues to return. Did I forget something?

Link to my form WebToPerson:

Comparing to a WebToLead form I am using in one of my sites, you seem to have this appearing twice:

<input id="moduleDir" name="moduleDir" type="hidden" value="Leads" />

Once on the top, near the opening “form” tag. Remove it.

Once below, near the end, you can leave it there.

Try with just one to see if it works.

I make it, but don’t work…

Define “don’t work”.

What happens in the browser? What happens in the server? What do the logs say?