Forecasting within Opportunities


I am currently evaluating SuiteCRM for my company and seem to have come to a dead end.

The sales process we want to use is as follows:
1/ An opportunity is identified and is associated with a contact.
2/ Details such as close date, sales stage etc are defined in the opportunity.
3/ Value of the opportunity is created from a list of products that are associated with the opportunity.
5/ Margin \ profit details calculated and displayed in opportunity
4/ Quote derived from opportunity and associated list of product items.(This should only happen at the quote opportunity stage)

I’m also assuming that it should be possible to report on all this too.

I’ve used this process with other systems before and it does not seem to be very revolutionary therefore I had assumed that it would have been implemented many times before in Sugar\SuiteCRM but I can’t find any out of the box solutions.

Is it possible or is my logic faulty and there is a better way to manage sales forecasting?




The process for Suite/SugarCRM to deliver these are slightly different from the ones you outline. However, you make a very good point about the integration of the process.

For our 7.2 release we have this on the roadmap. So, we will be merging the Opportunities and Quotations modules. The initial logic of separating them lies in that many companies, especially professional services ones, do not use Quotations and use Opportunities to track the health of their pipeline. However, we think that the new architecture will cater for that.

In 7.2, users will be able to create an Opportunity in the conventional way. If they want to create a Quotation related to the Opportunity, they will be able to add Product Lines to the Opportunity. The value of the Product Lines will be calculated and populate the value of the Opportunity.

Users will then be able to select a template and produce a PDF which can be either printed or emailed directly to the customer.

Once the Quotation has been accepted, then the Product Lines in the Opportunity will populate the Purchased Products and be related to the Account/Contact.

I think that meets your needs apart from the margin calculations.

It’s here that the greatest divergence of needs occurs. There are such a wide variety of methods that companies use to derive margins that encapsulating this in a single instance of software would be difficult and is not something we are looking at for this release.

I hope this helps.



We are also evaluating SuiteCRM as a viable replacement for our current CRM. We have figured out most of the functions that we need, however we are unsure how to set up Sales quotas so we can monitor those quarterly. Also not sure how we can set up sales conversion reports to identify a percentage success on opportunities that were turned into business.

That said, in regards to the quotas I saw that this was something accomplished through a Forcasting module in SugarCRM. There is a description about how to set this up unfortunately it does not seem like SuiteCRM has adopted this module, or at least I cannot find it.

Thanks for any help on how to overcome our last few hurdles.


That’s a question on my mind (forecast module) together with how to handle quotas. I can’t see it being answered fully anywhere.



Is the merging of the Quotations and Opportunities pages still scheduled for 7.2 and if so what is the ETA? I’ve just re-looked at the quotes pages on 7.1.x and see that it does not reference quotes from opportunities directly which means it will not fit into our current workflow even if we manually copy the quote value into the opportunity value.

I was hoping that this would be delivered by now as I need to move my existing quotation system at the beginning of our financial year (Sept) into our CRM and it would be the perfect opportunity to move from SugarCE to SuiteCRM. I’m rather stuck at present and however much I’d like to move there seems little to be gained at this point in time.