Forcing a Choice Other than Blank in a DropDown List

My apologies if this needs to be moved to a different area of the forum.

I am requesting assistance in understanding how to force a user make a choice in a dropdown list.

I have a custom module with a number of fields. In this example, I have a *required feild (set to required in Studio) that is of type DropDown. I have three values, blank, yes, and no. I want it blank to draw their attention to needing to change it, but even as a required field, Suite is accepting the blank as a valid entry. In this case a user could go right by it having never changed anything and the form will submit successfully.

Appreciate any thoughts or assistance.

For having the Choice of Blank and then letting the user to select one of the entries, you can edit your Dropdown options in the Admin ->Dropdown editor and select the Options that you want to edit.(You can find the option name that you need to choose by navigating to the Module in Studio then Fields and Editing the Field to see the Options Name used for your field).
To enter a blank option just press the Add button in the dropdown editor and it will add a blank option. This will not allow user to submit unless an option has been selected from other values. Make sure that blank is on the top and that there is no other value Set as Default for the Field.

Making the field required should solve your question.

Are you sure the field is mandatory? Send some prints so we can have a better idea…