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Hi to all. I’m doing a scheduled task for the import of accounts. Actually i have a problem with the import. My idea is:
if date_modified of the csv is > of date_modified of the db i update the data, if not i skip the update. My problem is “find the account”. In the csv i have an ID and i want to use that id to find the account. But i can’t force the instert of the id in the table. There is a work around to force this insert? Thank you.

you could create an entryPoint that you can access in the scheduler.
e.g. index.php?entryPoint=account_import
Making it point to a file where you handle the import.

For example:

if (!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) die('Not A Valid Entry Point');
global $log;
$data = file('upload/import.csv'); //parse the rows
foreach ($data as $row) {
    $account = new Account();
    $row = str_getcsv($row, ";"); //parse the items in rows

    //replace index with the index of the id in csv
    //if an account is found it'll update the account
    $id = $account->retrieve($row[0]) ? $account->id : '';

    //replace index with the index of the date modified in csv
    if (!empty($id) && $account->date_modified > $row[1]) {
        //do something with account fields
        $values = array(
            'id' => $id,
            'name' => $row[2]
            //and so on
    } else {
        $log->error('account not modified');

Thankyou for the answer, but actually i have to use the API to interact between the csv and the db, because there are a lot of custom field ad i don’t want to query 3 or 4 table for a insert. I’ve tried to create a custom field called id_csv_c and use that for index. But when i try to use get_entry_list on Accounts_cstm an error occured: {“name”:“Module Does Not Exist”,“number”:20,“description”:“This module is not available on this server”} and i don’t know why.

You don’t need to use get_entry_list on Accounts_cstm since get_entry_list returns the Account object which contains custom fields as well. I’m not using the API that often and can’t confirm if it works but this is how I’d do:

$get_entry_list_parameters = array(
     //session id
     'session' => $session_id,

     //The name of the module from which to retrieve records
     'module_name' => 'Accounts',

     //The SQL WHERE clause without the word "where".
     'query' => "id_csv_c = '{$id_from_csv}' AND date_modified < '{$date_modfied_csv}'",

     //The SQL ORDER BY clause without the phrase "order by".
     'order_by' => "",

     //The record offset from which to start.
     'offset' => 0,

     //A list of fields to include in the results.
     'select_fields' => array(
     //A list of link names and the fields to be returned for each link name.
     'link_name_to_fields_array' => array(
             'name' => 'email_addresses',
             'value' => array(
     //The maximum number of results to return.
     'max_results' => 2,

     //If deleted records should be included in results.
     'deleted' => 0,

     //If only records marked as favorites should be returned.
     'favorites' => false,
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thanks, i will try it