Footer help

Hi Members,

I have installed suitecrm but the footer moves up when I scroll page and is not static. Please advise.


Just try fixing your permissions to see if that solves it. it’s probably some CSS that isn’t loading correctly…

Thanks. I am not able to identify the problem. Please can you help.


Well, you could start by telling us your versions of OS, database, Web server, PHP and SutieCRM. Also tell us if your hosting the site yourself or using some online server.

Then you should check the logs and see what you find there (see my blog below for a post on where to find the logs).

Thanks for your help. Please find details below:

OS is Centos 7
MySQL is 5.6.35
Cpanel WHM 62.0
pHp IS 5.6

SuitCRM is on a shared served hosted by an provider. I have access to cpanel. Please advise where will I find the logs?

Things to try:

  1. Go to Admin / Repair and run a Quick Repair and Rebuild

  2. Try accessing SuiteCRM on a different browser

  3. Checking permissions: normally you would have to issue these three commands:

    sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .
    sudo chmod -R 755 .
    sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

but it’s likely your shared hosting won’t let you do that. So you can try doing the equivalent from cpanel’s File Manager, or as a last resort, contact your hosting and ask them to issue those commands.

Good luck

I think it looks same on different browser.

I was informed by my webhosting that sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .is an invalid user? Please advise

That www-data:www-data is not to be taken literally, it’s meant to be whatever user:group they use for the web server.

The point of the commands is to let the web server user own the files and read/write to them where appropriate.

did that. problem persist.

Let’s have a look at your logs. I wrote above that you can find them by checking my blog (link is in the footer of this post) there’s a recent post about log locations.

I am trying to follow your blog. But I could not find log files in cpanel. Please can you advise exactly where will I find?

You can’t find suitecrm.log in your SuiteCRM root directory?

Did your installation complete successfully? You might also have install errors in install.log

I did install it via softaculous. So did not receive any error.