folders table and the inbound emails (auto assignation of incoming cases/emails)

I modified the folders assign_to_id many months ago to auto assign incoming emails to the right person (checking is_group=1,etc).

We recently switched our email system from Exchange 2003 to Office 365 and ended up inactivating the old inbound emails and created new inbound emails; I made sure my assing_to_id was set correctly (again).

The system was as stable as it was, poolmonitored inbox was running like it was, i.e. need to duplicate job because it hangs from time to time… But this week is a nightmare the scheduler job hangs often, so I investigated the tables to see…

if I run this sql query againts the folders and users tables:

SELECT u.first_name,u.last_name, * FROM dbo.folders f LEFT JOIN  users u ON  WHERE f.is_group=1 order by name

I get all my inbound emails even the ones that I deleted but the deleted bit is not set to “1”

Then my question is may I delete the folders record that shuld not be there or will I hurt something (or relations) in the system?

I did not answer my question but the table inbound_email does take into account the deleted flag… so I would beleive that the folder deleted field does not account in the logic of incoming emails