Folder Management

I tried to set up 2 user accounts and was able to connect and receive emails with no problem. However, when i click to the user A folder management it show up the inbox of user B and user A can view also the details email lists of user B in email list view. Am i doing anything wrong in the configuration? and its seems the folder management ctrl+click is not working as well and i can’t simple select the target folder to show up and they automatically select all to show up and i can’t change it.

Installation under ampps windows
Version 7.10.12
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Where exactly did you set up each account? Note that there are several places in SuiteCRM to do this, so I need to know “exactly”. Thanks

I only know to set this up in user profile. so i login user A and set up user mail A. login user B and set up user email B. And i also set up a group email in inbound email under Admin and assigned user A & B to be the group member.

  1. Now i deleted the email of user A from the user profile. User B can still access the inbox of user A.
  2. Almost only the first time i login the system then i can access the email list view. I need to hard close the browser and re-login in order to view this again.

Really appreciate your help on it since email and group email is too important for our production. And want to know if there are way to make it more stable and access only their own emails.

Can you upgrade to 7.11.1? There have been numerous email fixes in the latest versions, and it’s easier to debug from the newest version, to make sure we’re not revisiting already solved problems.