Fix image fields in Case module suitecrm v-7.14.3

i was working on cases module of suitecrm 7.14, i added custom field of type- image.
In the detail and edit view of case. it was showing broken image icon in place of real uploaded image.
i did some research and find out a commit saying “Fix image fields in Case module”
link of the commit Fix image fields in Case module · salesagility/SuiteCRM@a1f23b9 · GitHub
these new lines of code were added in the line number 73,74,and 75 in download.php file
if ($bean_name == ‘aCase’) {
$bean_name = ‘Case’;
but i commented these changes on my local machine and the image field started working normally.
So is this actually a bug?
and does removing these lines of code will impact any other fuctionality of suitecrm?(if any of you tested it)?

It could be bug or maybe you need to clear browser’s cache.

If it is bug, then you could report on the SuiteCRM GitHub.