Finding all workflows with a specific email address in send to action


I’ve just looked into the tables:

  • aow_actions
  • aow_workflow

the SendEmail action seem to have something like encoded parameters or similar?

Is it somehow possible, to find all workflows where the SendEmail action contains one specific email?


Hi, it’s only Base64 encoded, you can see it with this query:

So to break that down:

  1. Open phpMyAdmin

  2. The essential part is simply this column: CAST(FROM_BASE64(parameters) AS CHAR(10000) CHARACTER SET utf8)

  3. Click “+option” and “full texts” and “go” to see everything

  4. Have a look inside the decoded JSON and either find the email address directly specified there, or sometimes it’s specified indirectly (a user id that you can look up in the user’s table, or an id that indexes email_addresses table, etc).

Good luck

Amazing insights.
Thank you very much :slight_smile: