Find webtoperson form

Hello, I used the Create Person Form in Campaigns to do just that. How do I edit it afterwards? Where has it gone? Or do I just have to create another one? And how can I then embed it in the homepage of our website?
Many thanks for any guidance

You cant edit it, it doesn’t save anywhere. I just creates the HTML once. You can edit the HTML or start all over again. You can absolutely use the same campaign to create the form again.

Thanks very much, P. In fact I want to embed this form as a ‘Subscribe to our newsletter form’ on our WordPress website so I(ll need to fiddle with the HTML I guess, and I also want to include a CAPTCHA field, which I can’t see how to do at the mo. Maybe I should be posting this questions in the Developer forum…?

I’m also wondering how to change the wording of the response: ‘Thank you for submitting your interest.’

Use gravity forms or contact form 7 which have all the features you want and then push the lead to SuiteCRM. Its a better solution than the SuiteCRM form. You can find instructions on my blog at

Hi P, had a brief look but quickly noticed the dreaded word ‘Pricing’ on your website :frowning: So that’s imposs I’m afraid.

Other possibility I’ll investigate is a workflow to import records automatically from the existing Mailchimp form.

Thanks in any case


Contact form 7 is free. The plugin that pushes it is free.

Gravity forms is much better, but Gravity Forms is a paid WordPress Plugin.

Many apologies, Paul, and thanks very much for this. I’m going to give it a go :slight_smile: