Find coding path as per given url


I want to know which file is used for adding that relationship data.
can anyone tell me where is the file to add multiple users?


Each module has the file modules/<module_name>/metadata/subpaneldefs.php. It contains module subpanels configuration. Panel has buttoms array and select button has parametr 'mode' => 'MultiSelect',.
You can create file in custom directory for module FP_Events.

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Thanks for you replay. one more thing can you please tell me the where is the code for multiselection users code ?


Sorry i don’t understand you. I answered to your question about multiselect users. If it isn’t a complete answer to give me more details.

oky i want to know the whole process of multiselect users it means that in which file are used for selecting multi users code are present.

after all i wanto customize that file and send mail to multiple users at a time