Filtering Targets by Converted/Unconverted

Maybe I’m just not seeing it. Is there a way to filter TARGETS in the list view by converted/unconverted?

In LEADS there’s a field for “status” and you can filter by In Process, Converted, New, etc.

There doesn’t seem to be this functionality in TARGETS. I guess I could create a custom field, but TARGETS already keep track of what is converted/not it’s just there’s no obvious way of adding it to the filter. Am I missing something obvious?


I don’t see a converted field in the database for Targets…

It must be checking if it is already converted using some other mechanism. Possibly it’s checking if there is a relationship to a Lead?


Module Prospects has the field ‘lead_id’. It has id of Lead after converting.
I found one interesting, standard and working way.

  1. copy files:
  • modules/Prospects/metadata/SearchFields.php --> custom/modules/Prospects/metadata/SearchFields.php
  • modules/Prospects/metadata/searchdefs.php --> custom/modules/Prospects/metadata/searchdefs.php
  1. Add code to files
  • custom/modules/Prospects/metadata/SearchFields.php:
$searchFields['Prospects'] =
// add code start
            'open_only_lead_conv' => array(
                'operator' => 'subquery',
                'subquery' => "SELECT FROM prospects
                                                WHERE prospects.deleted = 0
                                                    and prospects.lead_id IS NOT NULL",
// add code finish
  • custom/modules/Prospects/metadata/searchdefs.php
    'layout' => array(
        'basic_search' => array(
            array('name' => 'search_name', 'label' => 'LBL_NAME', 'type' => 'name'),
            array('name' => 'current_user_only', 'label' => 'LBL_CURRENT_USER_FILTER', 'type' => 'bool'),
// add line
            array('name' => 'open_only_lead_conv','label' => 'LBL_CONVERTED_LEAD','type' => 'bool',),
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Cool! I’m going to try that. Thanks!