Filter option Opportunities-History in version 7.4.3 gone !

I have a new fresh install with Suitercrm 7.4.3
In version 7.4.1 there was a filter option under Opportunities
In version 7.4.3 only: Archive email & View Summary: NO FILTER option

I have renamed the Opportunity module
Can that be the problem?
How can I get it back?


I am able to filter on the history subpanel for an Opportunity.

If you run a Quick Repair & Rebuild, on the screen that appears, Scroll down.
If there are queries with an “Execute” option, click “Execute”

Then clear your browser’s cache and refresh the browser.

If the option to filter has not returned;
Are there any errors in your suitecrm.log file?
are there any errors in your browser console?

What are the file/directory permissions on your instance?

Did the 7.4.3 package download correctly? Did the install run without error?

Thanks John for you quick response !!!

I had allready done: quick repair, execute (no message), cache clear. No solution
Permissions are all on 777 (to be sure - normal only the recommended maps on 775)
No relevant messages in errorlog
Do you know which map-file is responsible for de display of de history submenu with Filter option?
Than I can look that file

Thanks John for your response

I have done a fresh install again.
Now it works fine.

Good to hear that it’s working!

It may have just been that the v7.4.3 package that you downloaded didn’t download correctly somehow
Or maybe it extracted incorrectly and something was missed

regardless, if you find something like this again, let us know!